How to Pack & Organize Your Storage Unit

Ready to start clearing space in your home by finding storage nearby? Scot Stor Mini Storage is on Sawyer Town Road, and we have everything we need to serve the Moyock, NC, area. Choose between drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units to help you get your home or business organized. Follow our tips to pack your storage unit to get the most of it.

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3 Tips to Pack Your Moyock, NC, Storage Unit

As you are setting up your storage unit, it is important to take an organized approach. Here are our top three packing tips for success!

1. Taking Inventory and Planning Layout

Before packing your storage unit, take a thorough inventory of the items you plan to store. This step is crucial for determining how much space you’ll need and for organizing your belongings efficiently. Sketch a rough layout of how you intend to arrange the items in the unit, keeping in mind accessibility and the size of the items. Place larger, heavier items at the back and those you’ll need to access more frequently towards the front. Consider leaving a pathway in the middle for easy access to all items. This pre-planning will not only save time during the moving process but also helps in maintaining an organized storage space.

2. Labeling Boxes and Bins

One of the simplest yet most effective packing tips is to clearly label all your boxes and bins. Use a permanent marker to write the contents on each box, and consider adding a general category label such as “kitchenware,” “holiday decorations,” or “sports equipment.” For added convenience, you could also number the boxes and keep a separate list detailing the contents of each numbered box. This system makes it easy to locate specific items without having to open and rummage through every box.

3. Stocking Up on Quality Packing Supplies

Investing in quality packing supplies can make a significant difference in the protection and preservation of your items while in storage. Essential supplies include sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and plastic wrap. Consider specialty boxes for items like dishes or wardrobe boxes for clothing. Using uniform box sizes can make stacking easier and more stable. For delicate items, bubble wrap and packing paper provide an additional layer of protection against bumps and jostles. Remember, well-packed items are less likely to be damaged, so don’t skimp on the right supplies to safeguard your belongings. Visit the Scot Stor Mini Storage office in Moyock, NC, to stock up on supplies!

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