House Flipping 101: How to Find Houses to Flip

Are you looking to get into the house-flipping business? Scot Stor Mini Storage in Moyock, NC, offers a range of self storage space to support any project. As you find a house to fix up and start your renovations, come to us to store away furniture and organize your project equipment. Our professional staff can also provide self storage advice for every step of the way. See our tips on how to find houses to flip, so you can find your fixer-upper in no time!

how to find houses to flip

Beginner’s Guide: How to Find Houses to Flip

Research the Neighborhood & Cost of Living

There is a decent amount of research that should go into choosing your house to flip. The cost of living in the area will directly impact how much you can spend on purchasing and renovating a house before selling it. It is also important to consider who your potential buyers would be and what their specific needs are. Families with young children will want to be in a good school district, while families who need to commute may prefer easy access to public transportation. Additionally, you will want to check crime rates in the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

One helpful resource to get you started is New Silver Lending’s state-by-state guide to house flipping.

Use Traditional & Modern Real Estate Search Resources

Are you familiar with Zillow? Not only is this online real estate marketplace a popular tool for locating houses to buy and flip, but it also provides valuable resources to support you in your search. Its Foreclosure Center and Home Sellers Guide, for example, offer expert advice and can answer many of your initial questions. Besides these online marketplaces, broaden your search to local auctions for affordable homes and foreclosures. (A word of caution when buying at auction: they may require you pay in cash.) And if you prefer the security of a trained professional in the industry, look for local real estate agents who specialize in working with house flippers like yourself!

When Buying, Steer Clear of These Issues

When searching for a houses to flip, look for ways to keep your renovation costs down. You will need to compromise between the amount you pay for the house and the amount that will go into fixing it up. Certain projects will either cost too much or require a level of expertise past your skill level—which in turn will eat away at your budget if you need to hire a professional. Try to avoid homes with these issues:

  • Plumbing/Water Damage
  • Structure Problems in Foundation
  • Not Enough Kitchen/Bathroom Space
  • And More

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