Moyock NC Storage Auctions

How Our Moyock NC Storage Auctions Are Benefiting Our Community

Looking for storage units in Moyock NC? Find self storage space and a place to donate your unwanted items at Scot Stor Mini Storage! Now when you move into your storage unit, drop off your donations in the office to support our Moyock NC storage auctions with Charity Storage. See how easy it is to rent self  storage and clean out your extra items.

Moyock NC Storage AuctionsDonations for Auction

Our partnership with Charity Storage not only benefits our customers but we are supporting three organizations every time we host an online auction for them. All the proceeds are dispursed to help fund cancer research, education, and a cure for heart disease.

Each auction Scot Stor Mini Storage holds for Charity Storage the following organizations will receive part of the proceeds:

60% American Heart Association
20% Kure It Cancer Research
10% Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship

After you drop off your items look for our next storage auction online at Storage Treasures. All of our auctions will be hosted online for public bidding, so you can also help by placing a bid.

Rules for Donating

Anyone in the Moyock NC community can donate! Scot Stor Mini Storage is a donation center for your used items. What donations are accepted? Any slightly used items! Household or business supplies you no longer want, we will take!

Charity Storage was founded to bring storage facilities like ours and the surrounding community together. Our extra space can help you store your keepsakes while also taking extra items off your hands. Make your donation today by stopping by the office during regular business hours.

Charity Storage from PixelWorld.TV on Vimeo.

If you are looking for a place to store your gear? Check out our storage units for rent online. Need a donation center near you? Drop off items at our office for our upcoming Moyock NC storage auctions with Charity Storage.

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