Back To School and Seasonal Storage Tips

Our organization tips can help with more than just moving your gear to the storage unit. Scot Stor Mini Storage has back to school solutions to help you and the kids get ready for a new school. Our local storage options in Moyock NC help you find the extra space you need, while our professional give a few pointers for a great start to the school year. Seasonal storage is ideal this time of year for camping items, beach supplies, and outdoor equipment. Find out how to store your belongings for fall with Scot Stor Mini Storage.

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Fall Storage Tips

  1. Put the peddle bike into storage with filled tires and a greased chain.
  2. Using a rack, shelf, or ratchet straps will help your canoe and kayak in storage.
  3. Gasoline is not allowed in our storage units, so remember to drain the tank before parking the lawnmower in storage.
  4. Swap the bathing suit for a warm sweater with the help of InStyle’s article.
  5. Boxes with clear labels will keep everything organized while in storage.

Back To School Organization

  1. Start setting a routine a few weeks before the first day of school to make the transition easy.
  2. An information center near the door is a great spot for book bags, coats, shoes, and last-minute notes.
  3. Use shared apps to stay on top of everyone’s plans. Cozi or Google Calendar are great tools for scheduling dinners and appointments for kids.
  4. Instead of big binders, send the kids to school with an accordion file folder for their classes.
  5. Pack lunches on the weekend to make the morning scramble a little easier.
  6. Set alarms for stragglers who struggle to get out the door on time. Wake up, be in the kitchen, head to the bus stop, those are just a few to get you started.

Our local storage facility in Moyock NC can be the answer you need to save space this fall. Get organized this year with Scot Stor Mini Storage! Rent online or stop by to see our available storage units.

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